Tuition and Fees Payment

Tuition & Fees Payment

Students may pay (Option 1) in advance for the year; Pay (Option 2) in advance for each semester or Pay (Option 3) which structured in four (4) instalments. No matter which option you chose, if a student has not paid for the semester prior to exams, the student will not be permitted to sit for exams.

Payment Procedures (in-person):

  • Students shall deposit tuition & Fees payment into the account listed above (either in Juba or Wau).
  • Student shall make sure the Bank gives a DEPOSIT SLIP as proof of payment.
  • Students ARE NOT REGISTERED UNTIL DEPOSIT SLIP is received at the Finance Office of the University.

Payment Procedures (bank-to-bank transfers): Student/sponsor may also transfer payment directly into the University’s account. In this case, the student/sponsor should make sure the NAME of the student appears in the transfer/wire details so that the University can track the payment.

Student/sponsor must inform the Finance Department when the transfer is done and provide the following further details:date of transfer, amount and from where.

Students with financial difficulty must find their own ‘sponsors’ to pay for their tuition & fees since the University is not able to provide financial assistance. Registered students who wish to withdraw for whatever reason should inform the Head of the Department in writing for approval. With that approval, a student who withdraws within the semester is entitled to a refund of tuition fees according to the following schedule: first week, 100%; second week, 80 %; third week, 60 %; fourth week, 40 %; after the end of the fourth week, no refund is given. Laboratory fees are refunded during the first week only. No refund is given for other fees.