CUofSS Board of Trustees

    Bishop Eduardo Hiiboro – elected as the President of the Sudan Catholic Bishops Conference, in the Plenary of the Bishops held in Khartoum in December 2016. Bishop Eduardo replaces Cardinal Zubeir Wako the Emeritus Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Khartoum.

    Members of of the board of trustees

  1. Chancellor
  2. Deputy Chairman: Dr. William Hai Zaza
  3. Vice Chancellor Catholic University of Eastern Africa.
  4. Dr. William Hai Zazza - University of Juba
  5. Dr. Paul Bureng - Jubek State
  6. Dr. Justo Wani – University of Juba.
  7. Fr. Gabriel Asida – Vicar General- Archdiocese of Juba
  8. Dr. Ben Katoro – St. Mary’s College
  9. Bro. Bernhard Hengl, MCCJ - Development Coordinator – SCBC
  10. Fr. Mathew Pagan, PhD, VC/Secretary
  11. James Athayab – Legal Advisor
  12. Representative of Rotary of Juba
  13. Sr. Christine Janet Kiden
  14. President of Juba Rotary Club
  15. Chairperson of Religious Superiors’ Association of the Sudan (RSASS)
  16. Fr. Jacob Odwa Paul, Secretary General of SCBC
  17. Director of WAU Campus
  18. Director of YAMBIO Campus