Faculty Of Economics & Business Administration


Faculty Of Economics & Business Administration offer Bachelor Degree in the following programs.

  •  Bachelor of Arts in Economics. (Four Years programme)
  •  Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Finance. (Four years programme)
  •  Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with specializations in
  •  Business Administration (Four years programme)
  •  Human Resource Management. (Four years programme)
  •  Procurement and Logistics (Four years Programme)
  •  Entrepreneurship (Four years Programme)
  •  Diploma in Business Administration. ( Three years programme in Wau/Juba)
  •  Diploma in Accounting. (Three years programme in Wau/Juba)
Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business Administration: Mr. Jimmy Pitya
Head of Department of Economics: Mr. Kuol Nyol
Head of Department of Business Administration: Mr. Abraham Cuony

The faculty consists of Two departments as shown below:

  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Business Adminstration

Faculty Administration

The faculty is administered by the dean. Under him, there are head of departments

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