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Faculty of Agricultural Sciences offers Bachelor Degree in agriculture:

  • Department of Agriculture (5-year degree)


The Catholic University of South Sudan through its Faculty of Agriculture Sciences shares these goals: to provide rigorous training in the agricultural sciences with an emphasis on rural communities. It seeks to equip students with the skills needed to address the needs and aspirations of rural communities and to develop the food production sector. The university trains students in the agricultural and environmental sciences, with the expectation that graduates will contribute to improving the livelihood and food security of rural communities.

The Faculty seeks to promote in students a positive attitude toward the agriculture sciences. This will involve various approaches such as responsibility for student plots on the University Farm, by means of experiential learning and research (tending crops/livestock, sharing in proceeds, keeping records, and visiting rural communities and commercial farms/farm enterprises, etc.). It also focuses on other critical issues that face South Sudan and other sub-Saharan countries -- desertification, climate change, and the protection and strengthening of fragile ecological systems. The faculty offers a five - year programme leading to Bachelor of Science Degree (Honors) in agriculture sciences, the primary objective of the Faculty is to provide a rigorous training in the agricultural science so that graduates have the needed skills to address the needs and aspirations of urban and rural communities and to meet the national needs for agricultural scientists and policy makers. A graduate of the faculty of Agriculture Sciences studies therefore, enjoys broadly –based multi -disciplinary education and training which make him or her capable of approaching development and management of natural resources.

In the first years, the Program provides students with a broad-based liberal general science curriculum to prepare them for advanced studies in second, third, year. . In the fourth and fifth year students take major in the agricultural sciences. The teaching period for the degree programme is five academic years. Each academic year consist of two semesters of 15 teaching weeks and two weeks of examination. A candidate enrolled for the degree shall satisfactorily complete the programme in a period of not more than twice the minimum period for which he/she was registered for the degree. A candidate enrolled for the programme shall participate and complete course work and practical assignments that may be applicable to Agriculture sciences. Admission to the examination at the end of the semester shall be based on satisfactory completion of such requirements. Each student shall be required to undertake introduction of research attachment after completion of the second semester of the fourth year of study. During the field attachment, students are expected to embark on a research project, which they have to complete and present at a seminar during the fifth year of study.

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The faculty is administered by the dean. Under him, there are head of departments.

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