Code of Conduct



All bonafide Students of Catholic University of South Sudan are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that respects peaceful co-existence and non violence. The students are expected to preserve the rights of others and conform to the Norms of Acceptable Social Behavior and Academic Honesty by strictly adhering to the following Rules as stipulated below. ANY STUDENT who shall not follow the “Set Rules” will be sanctioned accordingly-depending on the magnitude of the offense. The CORE VALEUS of the University such as: Solidarity, peace and integrity should be observed at ALL TIMES.

Entering University Campus:
  • All Students are required to always have and produce their Identity Cards to the Security Guards at the gate to enter the University Campus. Failure to fulfill the requirement the student shall not enter the Campus.
  • Each Student shall be searched at the Entrance by a Security Personnel before being allowed to enter the University Compound. Failure to cooperate with the Security Guards shall attract SANCTIONS on the offender-depending on the magnitude of the case.
  • No Student should enter the University Campus with any kind of Weapon. Any Student found to have contravened this Rule shall be EXPELLED from the University with immediate effect.
  • No Students should enter the University Premises in Military or Organized Forces’ Uniform no matter the circumstance(s). Any Student found guilty of this offence shall be EXPELLED from the University.
Partisan Politics and Tribal Association:
    The Catholic University does not practice party politics. No Student should engage in Partisan Politics at the University Campus. Any Student who does not adhere to these norms shall be SUSPENDED for one Academic Year.
  • Catholic University does not permit meetings of tribal association at the University Camps. A Student who does not adhere shall be EXPELLED from the University.
Personal Responsibility:
  • All students are expected to build good relationship and respect the Staff Member of the University. Any Student who disrespects a Staff Member shall be punished accordingly.
  • Each Student shall be responsible for his/her actions as an “Individual”. Any Student who mobilizes other Students for “Mob Action” shall bear personal responsibility and shall be accountable for the offense as an Individual.
Dispute resolution mechanism:
  • Administrative procedures to address and handle discord shall follow the Set procedures directed by the Committee for Peaceful Coexistence and Safety depending on the gravity of the case at hand.
  • Any “Physical Confrontation or Fighting at the University Campus shall lead to dismissal. This norm applies to both students and staff.
  • A Student who destroys University Property shall PAY for the damages. Refusal to pay shall lead to dismissal from the University.
Dressing Code:
  • The students are expected to dress as Professional Trainees while at the University.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to dress decently and modestly.
  • NO indecent DRESSING shall be permitted nor tolerated at the Campus. Any student who disobeys shall not enter the University Campus.
Harmful Drugs and Drinking Alcohol:
  • The use of “Harmful Drugs and Drinking Alcohol” is strictly prohibited at the University Campus.
  • Any Student found in the state of drunkeness shall be dismissed.
  • Any student found in possession of harmful drugs shall be dismissed.
  • A student caught CHEATING in the examinations shall be dismissed.