The Catholic University of South Sudan as a Christian institution has an office for the Chaplain. The main purpose of this office is to help the students and the staff to grow in their faith. The office of Chaplaincy has been instrumental in guiding the students to focus on their spiritual wellbeing. The Office demonstrated effective pastoral strategies for students including effective religious education, Eucharistic celebration, retreats, Pilgrimage and other activities. This office is helpfull especially during the time when South Sudanese need to hear the message of forgiveness, reconciliation and peace being preached. This Office has helped students to deepen their understanding of the Catholic faith both inside and outside of the classroom.
Objectives :-

  1. Building and strengthening the chaplaincy.
  2. Spiritual formation and assistance.
  3. Administering of the sacraments.

Activities in the office of the Chaplaincy Eucharistic celebration: weekly celebration. One class is selected to prepare the prayers for the whole university. It is the responsibility of the student union in collaboration with the chaplain of the campus. Counseling: The chaplains assisted students to deal with the realities of the situations in their lives and the country. The students were accompanied through counseling to deal with their personal challenges as well. Spiritual direction and guidance: The Chaplains advise students on issues of their faith, it importance in process of making a decision in their lives.

Sacraments/confessions: the university has a huge population of mostly Catholics who need to receive the sacraments on regular basis. The chaplains hear the confessions of the students in some designated place within the university. Spiritual Retreats: The Chaplaincy organized a spiritual talks/ recollections for staff and students Pilgrimage organized: the office also organises pilgrimages to church historical sites within the country and also to some neighbouring countries.
Teaching of Catechism to the students who do not receive sacrament of baptism, first holy communion and conformation every Friday and Monday.