Application and Registration Procedures

Application and Registration Procedures:

  • Applicants will submit their completed application forms together with a non-refundable fee to the University and indicate their choice of Faculty and Programs.
  • The Admissions Committee will review the list of applicants and determine the final selection.
  • The Admissions Committee will respect the preferences of applicants as much as possible, but the Committee may assign applicants to another Faculty on the basis of their second or third preference.
  • The Admissions Committee will inform the successful applicants, who will then proceed to register.
  • Late registration: Without approval of the Admissions Committee, students who apply for registration later than two weeks after the opening date of first lectures will not be admitted.
  • Registration by proxy is allowed only in special circumstances and must be approved by the Admissions Committee.

  • Note: A student may withdraw from a course for which s/he has registered up to the end of the second week of the semester. Normally, the latest time that a student may register in a new course is the second week of the semester with the permission of the course instructor and the student’s adviser.